This is the iPhone 11 – TechCrunch

This is the iPhone 11 – TechCrunch

It’s one of the most anticipated days in the tech world. Today, Apple has unveiled the iPhone 11.

So without any further ado, let’s get into some of the details.


The iPhone 11 sports an anondized aluminum and glass design, which Apple claims is the toughest ever smartphone glass. Surprisingly, it comes in a handful of colors: white, green, yellow, purple, black and red. This next-gen iPhone also has a 6.1-inch liquid Retina display, with the expected tap-to-wake functionality and haptic feedback.


Apple clearly put a lot of energy into the iPhone 11 camera, which has a dual-camera set up: one 12mp wide lens, 26mm f/1.8 and an ultra wide 12mp f/2.4 sensor. The wide-angle dual-camera set up actually lets users snap a pic and zoom out to see what’s beyond the frame, which should be helpful for those expansive landscape shots.


On the software side, Apple has introduced a new image pipeline that does over a trillion operations for every photo. The company has added ‘semantic rendering’, which adjusts the lighting on photos retroactively based on the subjects. This helps to isolate and enhance facial features so tone mapping can be applied more accurately in portraits. Plus, portrait mode effects can now be applied to subjects other than humans, like pets.

iPhone 11 also features a new Night Mode to compete with the likes of Samsung and Google, which uses image fusion and adaptive bracketing — shorter and longer exposures — melded together to reduce motion and blur make for better low light images.

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